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Download Theban Ostraca; Ed. from the Originals, Now Mainly in the Royal Ontario Museum of Archaeology, Toronto, and the Bodleian Library, Oxford by Herbert Thompson Sir

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Download The Coptic (Sahidic) Version of Certain Books of the Old Testament by Thompson Herbert Sir 1859-1944

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Download Excavations at Saqqara, 1907-1908 by James Edward Quibell

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Download Excavations of Saqqara (1908-9, 1909-10) by James Edward Quibell

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11 Jul 2012
Felix Herbet
Download Les Enseignes de Fontainebleau. Les Anciennes Enseignes de Fontainebleau Par F. Herbet, Avec Un Supple Ment Par E. Thoison. Les Enseignes Et Les Rues de Fontainebleau Au Xixe Sie Cle Par M. Bourges. by Felix Herbet